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Sep 4, 2012 8:00am EDT
-- >> yes. >> and the americans came in and said they're in charge. particularly carl johnson from the cdc. >> yeah. >> and you found african colleagues to collaborate with and fellow belgians, particularly some who came a little bit later after you'd been there a while. tell me about what you learned in '76 that guided you forward about international cooperation. >> yeah. one, i discovered that where i came from the media had both financially and technically were far inferior to what was available here in the u.s. and whereas i recemented that, we had ice -- resented that. we had isolated the virus for the first time, and the folks from cdc came and said we're taking over, and so i resented that. that's absolutely true. and then i saw i could learn so much. and someone like joe bremmen who elucidated me in epidemiology, and i'm really still grateful for him. it was not only the u.s., but there were -- it's like in some of these jokes. i mean, there was a frenchman and a south african and a brit and a belgian and an american and then some congolese in a plane, and what happened? what do yo
Sep 21, 2012 6:00am EDT
it this weekend. and i would've never made. carl smith probably neither one of us would have made it. but here's the average sat score for a college graduate applying for the marine corps. sat score is 1250, 3.22 gpa. no felonies. i mean none of that kind of stuff. no nasty tattoos that are visible, which is difficult in today's society. and you are heavily involved in sports and heavily involved in extracurricular activity. so 3.2 to gpa -- i sat score of 1250, just to make the cut. and then you sit around and start talking about okay then, i mean, i've looked at a record this weekend that had an sat score of 1550. i didn't even know it went that high. that's twice as high as carl smith and mind. so now if you said i want to be a young enlisted marine, i don't want to go through that sat and college and stuff, eight months. you sign up today, if you walk, go to the recruiter downtown washington, d.c. and you sign up, assuming you are morally, physically and everything else qualified, then you're looking to sit in will recall -- because we don't have room for you. it will be eight months befor
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2